Sabinsa European Team is excited to announce its event partnership and participation in the upcoming Food Matters Live program in the United Kingdom on 14th and 15th November, 2023. Sabinsa will host a series of four roundtable sessions featuring esteemed clients from the UK, providing an exceptional opportunity for attendees to delve into the latest innovations and scientific advancements.

The round table sessions will be led by Dr. Umar Jan, PhD, President of Sabinsa European Operations, and Mr. Luke Miles, Business Development Manager for the UK & Ireland.

The round table sessions will shine a spotlight on Sabinsa's groundbreaking products, all of which are clinically validated and patented. Attendees will have the unique opportunity to gain insights into the following Sabinsa offerings:

  1. Curcumin C3 reduct: the first and only EFSA approved Curcumin product in the EU market. First to deliver curcumin as a metabolite.
  2. Nigellin: An innovative product made from Black cumin seeds with 5-20% Thymoquinoine. Say good-bye to Allergies, Hello Nigellin
  3. Cirpusins: A patented and clinically studied product for weight management. Your natural and safe pathway to weight loss.
  4. Saberry: Standarized for beta-glucogallin from Amla. Trust Saberry for natural sugar and lipid balance.
  5. Shagandha: Standarized for 2.5% withanolides as per the USP method. Correctly standardized Ashwangandha is supported by clinical studies to reduce Stress and Anxiety.

The round table sessions at Food Matters Live will help Sabinsa foster collaboration, knowledge sharing, and a deeper understanding of how our products can transform the food supplement landscape.

Don't miss the opportunity to be a part of these exclusive roundtable sessions with Sabinsa at Food Matters Live. Discover how Sabinsa is shaping the future of herbal nutrition.

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