The Weight Loss Approach & Therapies in Indo-Tibetan Medicine

Trying to get rid of extra pounds is a challenge, but one well worth taking. Aside from the aesthetic aspect, obesity causes numerous avoidable health problems. Dieting can create difficulties as well, and weight lost this way is often regained. A weight-loss program should seek to restore health and help the body avoid regaining the lost weight. Seeking the right way becomes an urging matter since we are losing an all important battle with obesity at the societal level.


There are approximately 58 million adult Americans that are considered overweight, i.e. men with >22% of body fat, and women with >32% of body fat. Thus causes of this alarming problem need to be addressed whenever possible, and only then followed by discussion of the possible therapeutic approaches. This review will focus on the currently understood causes, with solutions offered by the long standing experience in Ayurveda and Tibetan medicine.

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