Several innovative natural ingredients that support weight management havebeen discovered and developed by Sabinsa® Corporation, a vertically integrated company. Based on their mechanisms of action, these ingredients may be divided into four groups:

Group A: Citrin® and GarCitrin®

-Group A: Citrin® and GarCitrin®;

-Group B: ForsLean®;

-Group C: LeanGard®
   -combination of GarCitrin® and ForsLean®, plus BioPerine®;

-Group D: Fabenol;


Group A: Citrin® and GarCitrin®

Citrin and GarCitrin are extracted from the fruitof the plant Garcinia cambogia, which has along history of use in Indian foods (mostly as anacidulant). The bioactive ingredients of this fruitare Hydroxycitric acid (1) and Garcinol (2) (Figure 1). Citrin® contains only one of the bioactive ingredients of the Garcinia cambogia fruit, namely, Hydroxycitric acid (HCA). HCA is a derivative of citric acid, the agent that gives citrus fruits (oranges, lemons) their characteristic tart flavor. Citrin is standardized for a minimum of 50% HCA (1-3).