Sabinsa Corporation has named Dr. Umar Jan resident directory of Sabinsa Europe, GmbH. He has been working for the company the previous four years, as prokurist [sic] and technical sales manager, where he was responsible for scientific aspects of the sales department, describing Sabinsa’s portfolio of products to clients. Jan’s background is scientific. He received a doctorate in Biophysical Chemistry from Goethe University, Frankfurt am Main, Germany prior to achieving an Executive MBA degree from Mannheim Business School.

Before joining Sabinsa, he spent ten years at distinguished international research institutes such as Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore and European Molecular Biology Laboratory-Heidelberg. He has been published in influential peer-reviewed journals including Nature, Nature Methods, Nature Communications, EMBO and JBC.

“Dr. Jan’s technical knowledge will be of great benefit in his role overseeing Sabinsa Europe’s ongoing business development,” said Shaheen Majeed, President-worldwide, Sabinsa in a press release. “And his understanding of marketing strategies will facilitate exploration of new opportunities for us.”